Digital DNA on the Blockchain


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Our RESTful API allows you to keep a digital copy of anything that is important to your business, on the blockchain

Completely flexible data storage
  • Create the digital representation (a “strand”) in any format or structure you wish
  • Write changes and events to your strand, to create a full, unchangeable history of its entire lifespan
Secure data
  • Your data is yours alone, and you always remain in complete control.
  • You decide who can access it, and whether or how you want to encrypt.



Our Client Portal and RESTful API provide easy and complete access to your information

API for system integration
  • Retrieve any part of the history of a strand (or its entire history!)
  • Retrieve the relationships between strands
Client Portal
  • View any part of the history of a strand (or its entire history!)
  • View the relationships between strands
  • Visualise the journey of your data
  • See who has written what data, and exactly when
  • See operational statistics of your fuzoDNA network
QR Codes for “Instant History View”  (coming soon)
  • Generate QR Codes linking directly to parts of a strand’s journey
  • Use these on physical items to aid with logistics, supply chain, and so on
  • Display on end consumer products, to prove provenance, and create customer trust



Via our RESTful API, data extraction for any integration and any reporting, becomes a breeze

Extract any data via the API
  • extract the raw data of any strand, or collection of strands
  • immediate access to any range (or the entirety) of a strand’s history
  • get the data in the shape you need it, through data transformation (coming soon)
  • fuzoDNA provides integration to the most popular Business Intelligence tools on the market (coming soon)



Peace of mind, through the power of the blockchain stamp of trust

Direct control
  • You always have direct access to your underlying blockchain data, without any obfuscation
  • No need for costly and slow intermediaries
Indelible Record
  • Data, once confirmed, can never be altered in any way
  • Share your data with precisely who you choose
  • Encrypt your data in any manner you choose
  • Natural data redundancy through confirmed storage at every node (no single point of failure)
  • This also provides greater security (no single point of failure in terms of attack or data manipulation)


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