Development Progress – Almost There!

Today at Yellowtail Software, we had an internal “unveiling” of fuzoDNA.

The project has been something of an open secret here (everyone’s natural curiosity and eagerness to get involved has made secrecy near impossible), but it was fantastic to finally make it official, and the reaction was encouraging to say the least.

Over the past few weeks in particular, we’ve made excellent progress on several key deliverables, which I’ll briefly mention below.

Firstly, the core logical component (the “hub” that enables and simplifies all the other parts) is looking really neat and stable. This has naturally been the largest technical challenge, and the result is a testament to some stellar efforts. We have lots more to come in this space (which will be shared on the Roadmap in time), but right now, this core component is already making understanding and using the blockchain incredibly easy.

Secondly, the RESTful API framework basics are place, and will be in stabilisation sometime in the next few weeks. We’ll be publishing more details on this interface once we launch our Beta, and will also include recommendations and guidelines on how to structure and plan your data, to best fit in with this new paradigm.

Our Client Portal is starting to look pretty sharp, and already gives a responsive, and naturally easy-to-use view of the data that has been put into the fuzoDNA blockchain. The dashboard has been conceptualised and started – this is giving operational insights into the system itself, through statistics on transaction activity as well as reporting retrievals. All this is presented graphically.

Over the next few weeks, our focus is on tracking of these statistics with redundancy, finalising the various data extraction and retrieval options via the API, expanding authentication features, and polishing up the user experience.

We look forward to sharing more updates here in the very near future!