redPanda and fuzoDNA join forces

Through their platform Connected Solution, redPanda proactively pulls together different products into one simple platform to bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds, for retail businesses. Connected Solution makes it easy to unlock value in areas such as customer engagement, operational efficiency, productivity, and marketing, which results in overall improved customer experience.

redPanda has chosen Yellowtail Software, and its Blockchain service fuzoDNA, as the Blockchain partner for their business. fuzoDNA adds the necessary Blockchain features to redPanda’s Connected Solution platform. Furthermore, it provides Connected Solution with visibility and traceability across their full enterprise platform, creating trust across all the parties involved in their different client ecosystems around the globe.

Leon Coetzer, CEO UK of redPanda, says, “Yellowtail Software, together with their fuzoDNA service, provides us the Blockchain expertise and platform that we need for our business. Through fuzoDNA’s RESTful API we are able to easily unlock Blockchain features for retail clients, all within in our Connected Solution platform. It’s been a pleasure working with the exceptional guys at Yellowtail Software and we are delighted to have them on board as our Blockchain partner.”

Kornelis Miske, MD of Yellowtail Software and Product Manager of fuzoDNA, adds, “Together with Leon and his experienced team at redPanda we went through an in-depth discovery journey of what the Blockchain use cases are in the retail market. Although fuzoDNA is developed as a fully generic Blockchain service, covering all industries, our journey with redPanda added tremendous value in defining and refining what the generic features should be in fuzoDNA. We are proud to be the Blockchain partner and solution supplier for redPanda.”